Hey gang!
Who wants to play chase?
They can go on ahead Mom.
I'll just walk with you...

Go on ahead guys.  I'm going to go
see what's down there...
How far is it to the water Mom?
I sure could use a drink and a swim!

Come on everyone ~ I'm waiting!
What's taking you so long?
Hi Mom ~ thanks for waiting.
You'll never guess what I found back there!

I'll just sit here and wait for the
rest of the gang to catch up...
Hey Mom ~ how about throwing
a stick for us to fetch?

I'll race you to see who gets to
fetch that stick!
OK kid ~ I beat you but I'll
let you help bring it back...

It sure is hot today! Follow me ~ I know a good place
to go for a swim.

Did someone say we're
going swimming?
 I just love the taste of those
wild blackberries!

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